About Us

X-Machines AB took under the summer 2013 over all manufacturing and sales of the X97 beveling machine from Pullmax AB. Pullmax AB has long been engaged developing and manufacturing the X97 beveling machine. The staff of X-Machines is still the same as working with the X97 in Pullmax AB. The staff possess considerable experiance build up over many years in the Pullmax Group.


Initially Pullmax was a part of ESAB. After a secession the new company AB Elektrosvets was born.


The US sales company Pullmax Inc was established. From the beginning it was a great success and there is no other market with more machines sold.


The name of the company was changed from AB Elektrosvets to Pullmax AB. The logotype of Pullmax is the symbol of the original steel cutting patent used in the earliest plate shears. A total of 50 000 of these machines have been manufactured, most of which are still in use at work today.


Pullmax started to make NC-machines (Numerical Controlled) as one of the first companies in the world.


Pullmax established a company in Great Britain that becomes one of Pullmax’s largest markets.


Karolin Group in northern Sweden acquires Pullmax.


The KMT-Group is founded, consisting of Pullmax and three other Swedish companies.


Pullmax is one of the cornerstones together with Ursviken, Herber and UVA when KMT was introduced on the Stockholm stock exchange.


Pullmax is launching a new punching machine concept with great capability for forming, bending and tapping in one set-up.


Avalon Plus AB acquires Pullmax from KMT. Pullmax launches a Punch/Laser combination machine.


Pullmax starts a sell- and service company in Coventry, Great Britain, named Pullmax Ltd.


Pullmax and LVD Group starts joined cooperation which expanded the product offerings and market reach of both companies and created one of the industry’s largest sheet metalworking equipment manufacturers. Manufacturing facilities are in Belgium, Central Europe, the U.S and China. Representation is held in over 50 countries worldwide, including 20 direct sales and service subsidiaries.


LVD acquires all shares in Pullmax AB. The X97 beveling machine is manufactured and marketed by X-Machines AB in Sweden. X-Machines has acquired all the skills and resources for the manufacturing and marketing of the X97 bevelling machine from Pullmax AB.


X-Machines AB moves to new facilities located at Backa Bergögata 1B in Sweden. X-Machines AB becomes a distributor for Costa in Sweden and deliver the first Costa MD to Lesjöfors.


X-machines AB becomes a distributor of NKO's product catalog.


X-machines AB becomes a reseller of LOEWER, which manufactures German grinding and deburring machines. The product range includes grinding machines for deburring, oxide removal, polishing, etc.


X-Machines takes over the American business Pull-X, Inc. The operations and distribution continue as before for Pull-X.