Accessories for X97

Guide for beveling narrow steel strips (option)

When narrow steel strips and flat bars, or similar material is to be beveled, there is sometimes a tendency for the width of the bevel to increase towards the end. A guide can be provided for use with the X-97 on workpieces with parallel edges.

Beveling circular discs (option)

When fitted with a circular control device the machine can be used for external beveling of circular workpieces. The device consists of a guide roller and adjuster. Settings are made on a graduated scale. The beveling circular discs can be used with diameters between 450-2000mm.

X-Machines spray lubrication (option)

Lubrication of the beveling area prolongs the life of the cutting wheel. X-machines has therefore developed a spray lubrication unit that can be fitted on X-97 beveling machines. The lubrication is automatic and is only active when there is material in the machine.

The X-97 machine adapts itself to the workpiece (option)

The position of the machine can be adjusted to suit the shape, size and weight of the workpiece. It can stand in a stationary position, or it can be suspended for movement either in ordinary position or upside-down. If the machine is suspended, it can be made to move itself along the workpiece, instead of feeding the workpiece through the machine.

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